Brisbane CO2 for 1 Jan 2023

These graphs show CO2 concentrations recorded at three surface-level locations in Brisbane, averaged to half-hourly values, across the previous day’s 24 hours.  The daily cycle normally sees concentrations peak before dawn, drop at sunrise (when the sun modifies the atmospheric boundary layer and changes the mix of gases), and reach a minimum in the mid-afternoon. More details about this project here. We’re growing the network – if you’d like to host or sponsor a sensor – leave us a message.

Daily Averages

For reference, latest monthly average (Nov 2022) from CSIRO for Kennaook/Cape Grim in NW Tasmania was 415.4 ppm.

DATEPetrie TerraceChapel HillBellbird Park
2 Jan 2023
1 Jan 2023451 ppm436 ppm422 ppm

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