Brisbane CO2 for 30 June 2023

For the second consecutive day there were strong winds consistently from the west on Friday (24 km/hr – W and 20 km/h – W at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. recorded at Archerfield). This again kept carbon dioxide concentrations unusually ‘low’ at all three sites, though the values were higher at the city centre site (Petrie Terrace) throughout the day, and remain higher on average for the last 21 days.  (It should go without saying that the term ‘low’ is relative to the last three weeks – values some 100 ppm above pre-industrial levels are obviously anything but ‘low’ or ‘normal’ in a broader sense). How can Brisbane be experiencing carbon dioxide concentrations, temporarily, lower than those currently measured at Mauna Loa or Kennaook/Cape Grim (about 419 and 415 ppm respectively)?  Such low ground-level values are possible when conditions move large volumes of air from outside the city, benefitting from photosynthesis effects, to predominate over urban anthropogenic sources.  In the last couple of days Brisbane appears to have been experiencing just such conditions.

Daily Averages – Phase 2 (See explanation of differences between Phase 1 and Phase 2 data)

For reference, latest monthly average (May 2023) from CSIRO for Kennaook/Cape Grim in NW Tasmania was 415.7 ppm. (Note – these are provisional values, subject to revision folllowing sensor re-calibrations and other checks.)

DatePetrie TerraceChapel HillBellbird Park
30-Jun-2023414 ppm405 ppm402 ppm
29-Jun-2023415 ppm409 ppm405 ppm
28-Jun-2023435 ppm427 ppm428 ppm
27-Jun-2023426 ppm409 ppm415 ppm
26-Jun-2023412 ppm402 ppm412 ppm
25-Jun-2023447 ppm426 ppm429 ppm
24-Jun-2023427 ppm417 ppm423 ppm
23-Jun-2023434 ppm427 ppm435 ppm
22-Jun-2023442 ppm425 ppm436 ppm
21-Jun-2023443 ppm421 ppm437 ppm
20-Jun-2023421 ppm414 ppm417 ppm
19-Jun-2023430 ppm418 ppm419 ppm
18-Jun-2023436 ppm426 ppm434 ppm
17-Jun-2023440 ppm429 ppm437 ppm
16-Jun-2023438 ppm421 ppm433 ppm
15-Jun-2023433 ppm412 ppm428 ppm
14-Jun-2023435 ppm425 ppm438 ppm
13-Jun-2023441 ppm436 ppm442 ppm
12-Jun-2023442 ppm439 ppm448ppm
11-Jun-2023443 ppm441 ppm451 ppm
10-Jun-2023446 ppm432 ppm4444 ppm
9-Jun-2023441 ppm428 ppm440ppm
CO2 concentrations for Phase 2
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