Brisbane CO2 for 6 Jan 2023

Day 6 of publishing CO2 concentrations at three surface-level locations in Brisbane, averaged to half-hourly values.  Returned to more normal daily profiles after yesterday’s elevated daylight hour values. See Monday’s post for more information. We’re growing the network – if you’d like to host or sponsor a sensorleave us a message.

Daily Averages

For reference, latest monthly average (Nov 2022) from CSIRO for Kennaook/Cape Grim in NW Tasmania was 415.4 ppm. (Note – these are provisional values, subject to revision folllowing sensor re-calibrations and other checks.)

DATEPetrie TerraceChapel HillBellbird Park
6 Jan 2023450 ppm435 ppm429 ppm
5 Jan 2023468 ppm443 ppm437 ppm
4 Jan 2023454 ppm431 ppm440 ppm
3 Jan 2023450 ppm436 ppm436 ppm
2 Jan 2023448 ppm431 ppm423 ppm
1 Jan 2023451 ppm436 ppm422 ppm

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