Brisbane CO2 for 18 June 2023

On Sunday there was an overal drop in concentrations at the three sites by the end of the day, the lagest drop being at the city centre site (Petrie Terrace), in this tenth day of Phase 2 data (see explanation here). Today’s third graph shows data for concentrations (black dots and open black circles) for two heights above a southern Finnish boreal forest. Faassen, Kim A. P., Linh N. T. Nguyen, Eadin R. Broekema, Bert A. M. Kers, Ivan Mammarella, Timo Vesala, Penelope A. Pickers, et al. ‘Diurnal Variability of Atmospheric O2, CO2, and Their Exchange Ratio above a Boreal Forest in Southern Finland’. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 23, no. 2 (19 January 2023): 851–76.

Daily Averages – Phase 2 (See explanation of differences between Phase 1 and Phase 2 data)

For reference, latest monthly average (Apr 2023) from CSIRO for Kennaook/Cape Grim in NW Tasmania was 415.4 ppm. (Note – these are provisional values, subject to revision folllowing sensor re-calibrations and other checks.)

DatePetrie TerraceChapel HillBellbird Park
18-Jun-2023436 ppm427 ppm432 ppm
17-Jun-2023439 ppm431 ppm435 ppm
16-Jun-2023437 ppm423 ppm431 ppm
15-Jun-2023432 ppm413 ppm426 ppm
14-Jun-2023435 ppm427 ppm436 ppm
13-Jun-2023441 ppm438 ppm440 ppm
12-Jun-2023442 ppm441 ppm446ppm
11-Jun-2023443 ppm443 ppm449 ppm
10-Jun-2023446 ppm434 ppm442 ppm
9-Jun-2023440 ppm430 ppm438 ppm
CO2 concentrations for Phase 2
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